The pleasing sensation of nicotine has been well documented, as have the harmful side effects of many of the ways of imbibing that nicotine, such as smoking. Snus, a smokeless tobacco pouch, offers an alternative to things like smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

Snus pouches are flavoured (or unflavored depending on your preference) tobacco pouches that you place under your upper lip. Once in position, the snus discretely releases the tobacco within, providing the user with the same nicotine buzz as other methods, but without any of the unpleasant side effects associated with something like smoking.

Originally from Sweden in the 18th century, snus has become a global favourite, making it easy to find your nearest snus retailer, or purchase snus online. There is a wide variety of flavours and different strengths to choose from, making getting started with snus easy. Simply pick a flavour you like and determine an intensity that suits you. Snus is made from raw tobacco that is ground down to a powder that is similar in consistency to flour. Water and salt are then added to the mix. It is then heated to ensure it is safe from microorganisms before it goes to on to have any ingredients, such as flavouring, added.

The advantages of snus over smoking and chewing are clear. With smoking, in addition to the high risk of lung cancer, you are exhaling unpleasant-smelling smoke into the air around you. This makes it an unpleasant experience for anyone around you. Chewing may not involve any smoke, but you do have to spit regularly, which unappealing in most company. With snus, the pouch sits under your lip, out of sight, and does not require you to do anything with it until you are ready to take it out.

The growing popularity of snus has made its availability explode in recent years. Finding your nearest snus retaile or ordering snus online has never been easier.