With cigarette sales experiencing a slump, the smoking industry is going smokeless. Cigarette-producing companies are introducing new smokeless tobacco products that are nothing like the messy dip and chew. These new products – most common ones being snus and nicotine pouches – help tide smokers over when they are in public areas and can’t light up because of smoking bans.

Both products have nicotine as the primary ingredient. However, snus comes in two types – snus with tobacco and snus without tobacco. Both snus and nicotine have striking similarities. They are discreet, spit-free, offer the same satisfaction as cigarettes and do not require combustion. To use the product, you can either put it between the lip and gum or chew the small pouch just like tobacco.

Pros and Cons of Snus and Nicotine Pouches



  • Is cheap
  • Is effective – has a prolonged nicotine hit
  • Is discrete compared to vaping or smoking
  • Is healthier than smoking and vaping


  • Both snus with tobacco and snus without tobacco generate a foul smell towards the end of a pouches life.
  • Not as satisfying as vaping or smoking.
  • May cause health problems to the mouth, throat, and tongue especially when swallowed.
  • Can make the user very thirsty as it draws moisture away from the rest of the mouth

Nicotine pouches


  • Are a better alternative to smoking
  • Is 100% tobacco-free
  • The nicotine can help ex-smokers overcome the urge to smoke
  • Is less harmful and addictive as smoking or chewing tobacco


  • Tends to stain the teeth
  • Can make your teeth look strange especially when you speak or smile

Snus and nicotine pouches are great alternatives to smoking and vaping. They come in a wide variety of flavours and strengths to cater for every taste and preference. Your choice of product will depend on whether you want something that contains tobacco, is tobacco-free, has nicotine or comes in pouches or powder-form. The nicotine in the two products is easily absorbed through the lining of the mouth in quantities sufficient to cause addiction.