Formerly known as SNUSAB AB, GN Tobacco Sweden AB was founded in 2004. Some of the most renowned GN tobacco brands include Oden’s, Lenny’s Cut, Islay Whisky, Siberia, Lenny, Tabocca, Anglaholm and Olde Ving Swedish Snus brands.

In 2007, the company signed a distribution agreement with the third-largest cigarette company in the US, Liggett Vector Group. In 2009, it changed its name to GN Tobacco AB.

Snus and Tobacco

The company produces state of the art chewing tobacco and snus in all forms, including loose, and all possible chewing tobacco portions. In production, Swedish tobacco traditions are followed and a variety of flavours added. GN tobacco snus formats are produced in wet, white, slim, mini, maxi, dry long and in varying nicotine levels.

The tobacco chewing bags are new, designed from non-grounded stripped tobacco. The production of this tobacco varies from that of snus. However, the end product gives excellent flavour. Alongside the production are MAGNI Filtertubes, developed to help users get the best out of their preferred product.

The tubes do not interfere with the experience and do not leave odours or the smell of paper. In terms of taste and overall experience, the tubes are created as neutral components. GN tobacco exposes its consumers to a wide range of choices in terms of flavour and strength.

Distribution Zones

With over ten years of experience, the company has two large modern factories, and is known to create the freedom to choose standard GN tobacco brands in a market characterised by low-grade variations. GN offers over 80 different flavours, retailing to more than one million users.

The company distributes its snus and tobacco in Russia, South Africa, Norway, the US, Serbia, South Korea, Israel, Czech Republic, Serbia, Switzerland and Slovakia.

GN Tobacco snus follows a business concept of contributing to an independent market, one that is exposed to constant change. It has been famed for its constant attractive portfolio in terms of pricing and quality.