Swedish Match is a Scandinavian company that develops, produces, and sells cigars, lights, matches, moist snuff, and chewable nicotine products. The company started in 1917 as a match maker going by the name Svenska Tandisticks AB. In 1922, it changed its name to Procordia Group and added lights and tobacco products to its portfolio.
It produced its first snus products in 1967 and undertook a series of acquisitions to position itself as a global company. In 1992, the company acquired Swedish Match, but the group was then taken over by Volvo in 1994. Volvo subsequently turned Swedish Match into an independent company handling all the tobacco, lighter, and match businesses.

The company prides itself as a global firm that complies with the applicable standards and regulations in all the countries where it operates or sells products. Most Swedish match brands are available in Scandinavian countries and the US.

Swedish match brands

The company has several globally recognized snuff and lighting brands. The most popular lighting brand is Cricket lighters, while General snus dominates the snus category. The company is a major supplier of cigars and chewing tobacco in the US market. The cigar brands include Jackpot, Garcia y Vega, 1882, Game by Garcia y Vega, and White Owl.

Swedish Match snus is world-famous for its fine texture and relaxing effect. The most popular brand of Swedish Match snus in the US is Red Man, while General Cut and Thunder are well-known chew bags in Europe. European consumers also find pleasure in the tobacco bits brand aptly named Oliver Twist.

The snus products feature moist ground tobacco with a nicotine content of 1-2% and a mild flavor, which is consistent with Swedish snus traditions. Swedish Match snus products are not only safer than cigarette-based tobacco but also allow nicotine consumers to get their daily dose of pleasure without inhaling toxins.